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Sewing Caddy Tutorial


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Sewing Caddy Tutorial

(WOM = Width of Material)

Cydney’s Metro Rings Quilt


 Cydney was one of my student for the Metro Rings Quilt Class I taught at The Little General Fabric Boutique. This was the first experience my students had using Sew Kind of Wonderful’s Quick Curve Ruler. Cydney did an outstanding job and I had fun custom quilting it like Jenny, from Sew Kind of Wonderful, quilted hers.





Joyce’s Imari Plate Quilt

This is Joyce’s Imari Plate Quilt from the Block of the Month Class that Kathleen and I are teaching at The Little General Fabric Boutique. It is the first one that I have gotten to custom quilt. I just love Joyce’s fabric selection for this quilt. It is really well done and Joyce is a fabulous piecer.
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In the Hoop

I’m sure you all can tell that I kinda dig this Quick Curve Ruler thing. I broke into some stash yesterday and started work on the new Metro Hoops pattern. I’m using a Simply Color jellyroll. I know I sound like I am a QCR sponsor, but I can’t get enough of it. (Seriously can’t figure out how people come up with such ingenious things.) I have at least four more quilts planned in my queue using Sew Kind of Wonderful’s patterns and ruler and this will be the 4th quilt I have made from her patterns. She is having a quilt-along starting next week to make her Medallion Quilt.
I know my friend and I are gathering our fabric now so we can join in. I think you should join in, too. It’ll be fun. 

Sewing Sunday

I pieced the final blocks in this quilt this morning. This is the Urban Beads quilt pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful. It uses her Quick Curves Ruler. I made it with Robert Kaufman 1/2 Yard QuiltCon Bundle.
This quilt looks challenging, but it is deceptively easy to put together. Jenny’s ruler makes it so simple. I can’t wait to get it quilted. 

The Positive in the Negative

 I finished longarm quilting Lee’s hand appliquéd Rainbow Rocks quilt this week. She handed this quilt over to me around the first of the year and graciously agreed to let me wait until I got back from my classes with Angela Walters at QuiltCon to quilt it. I finally worked up the nerve to suck it up and put what I learned down on a quilt. 
Lee’s quilt gave me the perfect opportunity to test my skills in negative space. 
The Rainbow Rocks pattern is designed by my good friend, Kathleen Baden, who took a second place ribbon at QuiltCon for her amazing hand quilted version. 

Halfway There

I have gotten one half of my Diamond Ring quilt pieced together. I was unsure how I was going to like the dark gray background, but now that I see it all together, I like it. I love the way the colors pop on it.

Sunday Sewing

Do you remember those Sketch Cottons I got a couple of weeks ago? I cut into them this weekend and started on a quilt. I am going to make the Diamond Ring Quilt from Green Bee with them. I got the pattern from Super Buzzy while at QuiltCon. I love this quilt. This is one of the only two patterns I bought while at QuiltCon. I was having a rough time getting the pieces to come together and then I figured out that I had been sewing them incorrectly. Duh-huh! Once I started sewing them the correct way, it started to come together really quickly. Amazing how that works, huh? I had my local glass cutting shop make acrylic templates for this quilt. That made the cutting so much easier. The pattern calls for four 1 yard cuts of fabric for the diamonds, but I used 12 fat quarters (to get the colors I wanted) and I had plenty left over. I could probably have made another quilt with the left over fabric. (also good I had extra because of my initial sewing screw-up) I can’t wait to finish this quilt, but it will have to wait. I am going down to my basement to quilt for customers and I am not coming up for air until I get a bunch done. 

Abby’s Quilt

 This is Abby’s amazing quilt. I love the soft mint green she chose for her background. She made it using the Designer Star Pattern by Lee
Swirls seemed to suit this quilt perfectly. (but really, what wouldn’t swirls look good on) I quilted it using the Outside In pantograph. I also used one layer of Quilter’s Dream Poly and a layer of Quilter’s Dream Wool for the batting. I love how the swirls really show up in the negative space with the two layers of batting. I have to admit, I didn’t really get the whole two layers of batting thing at first. However, now that I have tried it out, I have changed my ways. I am embracing this trend, for sure. I was also an exclusive cotton batting user, but I am digging the poly and wool. 
I hope it is okay that I have kind of turned my blog into a little bit of a show and tell for my customer’s quilts. I just get to see so many beautiful quilts each day, I feel it is a shame not to share them with you all, too. I also think it is interesting to see how all the different pantographs I have actually look like on a quilt. 

Rainbow Bright

Cross another UFO (unfinished object) off the list. One of my goals for the year is to get a lot of projects I’ve started actually completed. This is one such project. 

I saw one that Angela Walters quilted just like this on Robert Kaufman’s website and I immediately knew I wanted to make it. One jellyroll of Kona Solid – bright and a jellyroll of white and wa-la…easy peasy. The pattern is free on the Robert Kaufman site. 
I loved the way Angela quilted hers and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to practice a lot of different free-motion stitches. I’m kinda digging it! 
After the boys are all snug and sleeping in their beds at night, I have been dedicating about 1 and 1/2 hours to sewing personal stuff. It’s a good feeling to actually be finishing some projects. I have been on a roll lately and have a couple more finishes to show you, so stay tuned. It’s been kinda rainy and wet here and it makes for bad outdoor picture taking, but as soon as it dries up out there there will be some more show and tell.