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Sewing Caddy Tutorial


Click Here

Sewing Caddy Tutorial

(WOM = Width of Material)

Dish Towel Tutorial

While we are at it…let’s make some fancy dish towels. Here is a quick tutorial to help you get it done. The tut shows you how to add a pretty decorative band to a plain dish towel. I used a dish towel, but it also works great with flour sac towels. You can also add some fancy smancy embroidery if you just feel like making it that much better. (I didn’t include the embroidery part in the tut.) Now go sew more gifts for all your favorite peeps.

Tis’ The Season To Make Some Stuff

Well, since it’s the time of year that is perfect for making things to give, I thought I would share a tutorial with you on how to make these composition book covers. They make up very quickly and I think they would be great teachers gifts. These two are going to Fletcher’s teachers. I put the tutorial together pretty quickly, so let me know if you have problems with it. Now get sewing. We have lots of things to make before Christmas!
You can find the tutorial here. You can also find it up there at the top of my blog listed under the tutorials page.

Wine Bottle Bag Tutorial

Okay- here it is… the Wine Bottle Bag Tutorial. I did it pretty quickly, so I hope there are no mistakes in it. Blogger is being kinda funny tonight, so you can find the tutorial over on my sidebar. Enjoy. -g

Infant Car Seat Cover Tutorial

Alright, I’ve gotten another tutorial done. This one is for an Infant Car Seat Cover. A friend of mine made me one for Nolan and I love it. It’s perfect for keeping the cooties away from your little one when you are out and about. You can find it here or on my sidebar.
Just for the heck of it, I thought I would share a pic of BB (big brother) and LB (little brother).
I thought the newness would wear off for Fletcher and he wouldn’t be as interested in his LB, but this kid could not get enough of loving on his LB. He is a very good BB.

Yesterday was Fletcher’s first t-ball practice. He loved it. He is on a team with all his friends and he was so cute out on that field with all of them. It’s the same field his daddy played on when he was Fletcher’s age. 🙂

Applique Block Roll Tutorial

Told you I was gonna try to do more tutorials. This is an easy one. It took me about 15 minutes to put one of these rolls together. (Thanks to my friend, kb, for showing me how to make these.) This is a perfect and stylish way to store and carry all of these applique blocks you have been working on.

Just place your blocks in and roll it up and off you go to class. You can find the tutorial here or on my side bar. Now go make some!

Patchwork Belt Tutorial

I added my instructions for making this super fab patchwork belt to my side bar. You can find it there or if you click here. There are tons of other tutorials floating around in this crazy brain of mine. I hope to get some down on paper. That is my intention, anyway. We shall see if I can make that happen. Maybe if I do, it will help calm these voices in my head thinking up things for me to do. Hope you enjoy!

Reversible Camera Strap Tutorial

I told you I have been in a little bit of a sewing frenzy lately! I need to be on a sewing frenzy, instead of what seems to be my pregnancy induced feeding frenzy. I went for my check up the other day and found out that at my 22nd week, I have gained 9 pounds. I know what you’re thinking… 9 pounds is not bad at all. I agree, it’s not bad. The only problem is that I gained 8 of those 9 pounds in the last month. Yikes! So to keep me from eating non-stop, I got to work putting this tutorial together. I hope you enjoy it. Who knows, there might be more tutorials to come. I have a bunch of ideas swimming around this head of mine.

New Tutorial!

I like it so much I thought I should do a little tutorial on it for you guys. You can find it on the side bar or here.
Let me know if I made any mistakes or if you have any problems or questions.

Tote Bag Tutorial

Hi All! As promised, I put together a tutorial for the tote bag that I made for teacher’s gifts. It is really simple to make. I put the tutorial together kind of quickly, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes. Also, usually it is just easier for me to do something than to actually try to explain how to do it, so let me know if there is something in the instructions that doesn’t make sense.
I hope you all enjoy it! Just click here for the tutorial or you can find it on my sidebar, as well.